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MediaFLO gets FCC green light

Chris Ziegler

Although we're sure MediaFLO holds plenty of promise as a downlink-only TV mobile TV delivery platform, the folks over at Qualcomm wouldn't be doing much of anything with the technology -- here in the US, anyway -- without the requisite bandwidth. Happily, that's one hurdle they can now put behind them, as the FCC has granted MediaFLO the right to broadcast on TV channels 54, 55, or 56 ahead of the digital TV transition scheduled to complete on February 17, 2009. The feds came to their decision (a wise one, if we do say so ourselves) after drawing the conclusion that FLO broadcasts would have little or no ill effect on existing TV or DTV broadcasts on those channels, opening the door for mobile TV goodness just as soon as everyone can get on the same page and get some equipment and content out the door. Of course, if we discover that our beloved PBS is starting to get snowy as a result of this newfangled FLO business, we'll be having a few choice words.

[Via The Wireless Report]

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