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Oblivion gets Nine Knights, expansion set on Nov 21 [update 1]

Ross Miller

Bethesda has announced its eigth mini-expansion for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The latest download, Knights of the Nine will feature a new faction you can join, a sorcerer-king (and demonic minions, of course) that you can defeat, and the holy armor and weapons of the Divine Crusader to take for yourself.

No price has been announced. Knights of the Nine will be available for download through the usual channels (XBLM, as well as a boxed expansion set (for PC only) that includes all the downloadable content (currently valued at $13.53, or $11.54 sans Horse Armor).

The PlayStation 3 version of Oblivion will come with Knights of the Nine. It was originally thought that this quest would be "exclusive," but we all know how finicky that word can be.

[Thanks, PaleGringo]

[Update 1: clarified boxed package is PC only. Sorry Xbox gamers!]

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