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Paid character transfer cooldown reduced

David Nelson

And not just reduced a little bit, it has been reduced a lot. It has gone from six months to a single month. So if you transferred a character at the beginning of September, you can go ahead and transfer again to any eligible realm for the standard fee of twenty five dollars.

I wonder why they did this? I liked the rationale of having a 6 month cooldown, that being to prevent people with generally boorish behavior from jumping from server to server. But at the same time, if someone made a mistake in transferring to a server, it would be nice to be able to reverse it in a relatively short amount of time. And the cynic in me thinks that Blizzard simply sees this as a new revenue stream. But crime in that! Making money is what they are in business for.

With the new, shorter cooldown, are you more likely to transfer knowing you can undo everything (for $25 of course) in a mere thirty days?

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