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Art Lebedev explains Upravlator to five year olds, no one else


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Art Lebedev is in full-on tease mode for their upcoming Upravlator, which they will be announcing next week. Their blog is replete with cute little teasers posts, which include that "Explaining Upravlator To A Five Year Old" diagram up above. The input device, which will take over a whole monitor port, will feature "ultra-large" keys, which are pictured after the break, along with the rest of Art's smarmy hints. The Upravlator will require a USB and power plug, along with that precious VGA port, and will work with an optional folding stand. Other than that, we're still in the dark as to how this thing will be a help to video editors and graphic designers, but hopefully a few of our five-year-old readers out there can enlighten us in the comments.

[Via DV Guru]

Update: an anonymous source has let us know the Upravlator is a 12 button device indended to be the successor to the Optimus [mini] three, with customizeable buttons that react to one another. We're still a little unclear, but our tipster mentioned clicking on a corner button and the others will change in context. We're sure it's going to be cool and all, but we're just not able to get the buzz machine started on this one.

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