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Medion GoPal PNA 460, 465, and 470 bring inexpensive GPS

Cyrus Farivar

Medion, better known for its low-end consumer electronics that blanket Europe, has just trotted out three new GoPal GPS navigation units on the cheap. Each device measures just 130 x 90 x 20mm (5.1 x 3.5 x 0.78 inches), and includes 2D and sorta-3D directions with the included Berlitz City Guides for 50 major cities on the continent. And if that wasn't enough, apparently Medion is also including "speed camera locations saved to the memory card" so you can attempt to avoid hefty fines while zooming down the autoroute. The trio of navigation units come in three flavors, the PNA 460, 465 and 470, which range from £200 ($371) to £300 ($557). The basic model, the PNA 460, comes with maps of the UK and Ireland on a 256MB memory card, while additional European maps will set you back £80 ($148). The middle-level gives your all those European maps pre-installed, and comes with a Traffic Message Channel receiver so you can get around those jams as you barrel down on somewhere like Geneva. Finally, the flagship of the bunch comes with standard maps but also has integrated Bluetooth so you can make hands-free calls in your car and keep your eye on navigating that treacherous autobahn.

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