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Screenshots from the latest Leopard build

Scott McNulty

These little birdies just keep sending me stuff. First it was screenshots of the as yet unreleased SlingPlayer, and now I find some screenshots of the most recent Leopard build (the next version of OS X). As you can see above previewing files in the Finder has gotten an overhaul, with text files previewing text in their icon (sweet, but mostly useless unless your icons are really big, like in this screenshot).

Read on for a few more tidbits.

Here's a look at iCal's new look:

IE 7 was just released by Microsoft, and one of the biggest new features, other than tabs, is the anti-phishing measures. Looks like Safari 3 will also have 'em:

A close up of the dialog box:

Another suspicious website

And another close up of the warning:

Finally, a look at the new layout of Parental Controls:

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