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Sony fills in a few details about PlayStation 3 launch

Ryan Block, @ryan

Aight everybody, we've got US prices to all those accessories, some more details on what's being bundled with your PlayStation 3, and a wee bit on the PlayStation Network. First up, the prices: Sony's reaffirmed it's $500 / $600 price points today in the US, and released info on some of their accessories. The SIXAXIS will set you back $50 in the US, the PS / PS2 memory card adapter will hit you for $15, and the Blu-ray remote will be $25. Also, the first half a million PS3 units will come bundled with "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," which won't be available independently of the console until December 12th. Finally, Sony is touting its usual bit about the PlayStation Network, which, as has been stated before, supports voice and video chat, allows for web browsing, game and media downloads, and media playback. Aight everybody, carry on then.

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