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Beat-Bike brings "disco-bleeps" to cycling

Cyrus Farivar

Just in case you thought getting out from behind that computer screen to hop on your bike was too boring and low-tech for you, then you may want to talk to Michael Una. This Chicagoan has just built what he calls the Beat-Bike v.1, a "bicycle-controlled drum machine." He's loaded up this bike with sensors on the frame, which are activated by turning the front wheel, or, y'know, riding the thing. As Michael writes: "Once activated, they trigger a momentary sounding of a single drum sound- kick drum, snare, tom-tom, and "disco-bleep" from a kids' toy drum machine. As the wheel spins, the sensors are triggered in a sequence which becomes an audible, repeating drum beat." Nope, we can't think of a better way to get our "funky outer-space disco beat" on, either. Now while you're contemplating your weekend plans, go check out the video of the Beat-Bike in action on Michael's site.

[Via MAKE: Blog]

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