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Digital Cube NetForce rocks out with HSDPA

Cyrus Farivar

Sure, we've seen HSDPA in cellphones, laptops, but not too many media players. In a special event at the Korea Electronics Show, Digital Cube debuted its new media players, the HSDPA-rockin' NetForce and its little cousin, the Mini. The NetForce will bring 3G via "an external module" and otherwise runs Windows CE 5.0, brings a 800 x 480 resolution, is loaded with WiFi, and a Microsoft Office "viewer." The Mini packs a punch as well, bringing T-DMB plus the usual host of audio file playback, as well as still photos and text. As is far too often the case, we have very little info with regard to pricing or availibility. Peep the flip side for a glimpse of the Mini.


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