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New motion-sensing tech is Wii-beater?

Kyle Orland

Computer and Video Games has the scoop on a new motion-sensing controller technology from In2Games codenamed "fusion." The article says that the USB-based, multi-platform control system uses "sound waves and other technical wizardry" to sense the controllers position and orientation in space.

Sounds kind of ho-hum when both Nintendo and Sony are building motion-sensing technology into their standard controllers. But after a short demo, C&VG is ready to declare that the new system "
offers a much more advanced means of control than Nintendo's forthcoming console." Indeed, a video of the system in action show a tennis racquet controller that mimics every real world move on-screen with incredible accuracy. Other videos show a bowling controller and a PS3-style prototype that splits apart for independent hand movements.

With Nintendo and Sony both investing so much into gyroscope- and IR-based controllers, this new, more accurate technology has the potential to be a spoiler when it comes out in Q3 2007. Forget the console wars... we may be entering the age of the controller wars.

(Thanks YimTaka)

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