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The "Wii-Killer"


Having something dubbed the "killer" of your concept is a sign that you've arrived. Welcome to the Wii era, when any other motion-sensing technology will automatically be called the "Wii-killer!" Expect to hear this phrase a lot, particularly since Nintendo's innovative new controller is still viewed as a gimmick by many. The newest "Wii-killer" is actually a third-party controller by In2Games codenamed "fusion" that purports to communicate motion as accurately as possible by utilizing "sound waves and other technical wizardry" in addition to other sensors. Some of the included videos seem to be out there as direct Wii-competition (like the bowling controller), but it seems like something of a stretch to assume that many companies will base games around a third-party controller which will probably end up costing a pretty penny. Especially when consumers can just get a Wii, which comes with all the power of Nintendo behind it instead of being limited to sports games (which it seems In2Games is focusing on).

So what do you think? Interesting new toy, omfg-megaton-Wii-killer, or just another big yawn?

[Thanks, Canuckle!]

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