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Do industry professionals buy new or used?


Gamasutra asked a tough question this week of their "game industry professionals, educators and students": Do they buy used games or "go out of [their] way" to buy new ones? Good question.

Of course, developers would prefer to buy new, it's in their best economic interest to support each other. They did say that the used market would be dead in the water once digital distribution took over. Although publishers still screw gamers with digital distribution -- charging them the $10 mark-up that brick and mortar stores tag on legitimately to stay in business. Even if digital distribution would take over tomorrow, gamers would be shafted with over-priced product, without the recourse of selling that game to recoup some of the losses.

There are some good quotes in the piece and the battle rages on between new and used games. Now we'd like to see a question regarding the best economic model for fiscally conservative gamers: Renting.

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