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Next OQO handheld PC could have cellular capability


Jon Fortt over at The Utility Belt has been informed by "someone who would know" that the next iteration of the OQO will feature cellular capabilities, along with other improved specifications including a brighter screen, a better keyboard, more RAM, and a larger hard drive, all at the same price as the current model -- um, can anyone say Osborne Effect? With the addition of some form of wide area wireless network access, the OQO would become even more of a "middle" (subnotebook / ultra-UMPC / über-smartphone) device than it already is, and since we're in an indulgent mood, we could even envisage a time when cellphone carriers give the OQO the most glorious feature of all: subsidies. That prospect, dear ladies and gentlemen, gives you one more reason to mark your calendar for the start of the Consumer Electronics Show on January 8, as Mr. Fortt was told this was when the new OQO is to be unveiled.

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