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Samsung's VM-DC560 26x optical zoom camcorder


Ever since the first digital camcorders hit the market, manufacturers have competed with each other to see who could up the digital zoom on their cameras to the highest level, each time proudly displaying their camera's capability to turn light into pixelated nonsense with stickers on the side of the lens. Although Samsung is guilty of placing absurdly high digital zooms on its cameras as well, the company's recent unveiling of the VM-DC560 with a 26x optical zoom -- which doesn't result in quality degradation, unlike digital zooms -- certainly makes amends. Besides the peeping tom's best friend of a lens, the VM-DC560 also includes a 1.1 megapixel CCD (presumably for still shots), a dual layer recordable mini-DVD drive, and a 2.6 inch widescreen LCD, all in a relatively standard looking gray case. No word on pricing or availability, although we'd bet on birdwatchers in the far east being the first to get their hands on it.

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