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ColdFusion bundle for TextMate

Scott McNulty

I spend a lot of time in a text editor. Sure, I don't code (much), but I write many, many things. Recently I have converted to the way of TextMate.

Why the switch from my once beloved TextWrangler (which was free)? One word: Bundles. TextMate has this really cool feature called Bundles (duh) that allow you (or someone who knows what they are doing) to extend TextMate with new functionality.

Textile is supported (which was the real reason for my switch) and today I learned of CFTextMate, a ColdFusion bundle for TextMate. Given the fact that if I am programming it is in ColdFusion this is great news to me (and a few others reading this blog I would wager).

Check out the screencast or download the Bundle.

[via Ben Forta]

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