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Haier's DF-S150 PMP with GPS and DMB TV


In our daily mission to find interesting gadgets for you to ogle at, we sometimes indulge ourselves by moaning about devices that will likely never hit American shores: PMPs are probably the most obvious example of this, seeing as we've covered literally dozens of Asian PMPs with only a small percentage ever making it across the Pacific. Our second far eastern PMP in as many days also emerged from KES 2006, and comes with the normal anonymous numerical name, just like all the others. The DF-S150 portable media player is a relatively high spec model which can pick up DMB TV channels, track your location via GPS and a built-in map, and also comes with features such as an FM transmitter, a touch screen interface, TV Out, and an SD card slot. We don't see any information on pricing or availability, but you weren't really expecting there to be any, were you?

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