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Project-a-Phone intros ICD-5000 mobile projector / camera

Darren Murph

Sure, a good deal of these newfangled ideas to somehow cram an actual projector into a phone's casing are a bit far fetched, but Project-a-Phone's ICD-5000 utilizes an external mobile projector platform that essentially works with any smartphone, PDA, or mobile computer. Similar to contraptions used by math professors showing off the on-screen magic on their favorite flavor of TI calculator, this device sports an overhead camera that channels the text, documents, slideshows, or movie clips from your mobile's screen onto a connected monitor or projection screen. Any device small enough to clamp into the machine's frame (8- x 6-centimeters) can be utilized, and the integrated USB 2.0 camera boasts a five megapixel sensor capable of taking 3 megapixel screenshots and delivering "VGA-quality video at 30fps." The ICD-5000 is currently available to ease your mobile projection woes for $395.

[Via TGDaily]

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