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What is this Cingular phone?

Chris Ziegler

Cingular tends to be pretty good about keeping their release schedule on lockdown, save for the occasional slip up, of course -- so could it possibly be that they've accidentally leaked a picuture of a yet-to-be-released music clamshell on their home page, of all places? We're not sure how much longer it'll be up, but we grabbed a screen shot of the phone you see above; we haven't the foggiest idea what it is, but make what you will of these facts: 1) it's white, 2) it's a musicphone, and 3) the woman's enjoying her (i?)tunes via what appear to be iPod buds. Granted, the shiny bits aren't particularly Apple-esque, but you know what we're thinking -- could this be the phone whose name we dare not speak?

Update: Mystery solved, it's a Siemens SF65. Now the question is, when can Cingular customers get their hands on it? [Thanks, Jamma]

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