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HP India busts out line of "Fashiontronics"


All we really need to feel fabulous is our SPOT watch, head mounted display, and DualCor cPC under arm, but for the more discerning fashionistas, HP India is brewing up their new Fashiontronics line. As far as we can tell, this project is mainly comprised of garish colors, skins and cases for regular ol' HP products, but apparently premier Indian designer Suneet Varma is involved, so perhaps the designs are not totally lacking cred. The new skins will grace HP's desktop and laptop line, along with some new Bluetooth Jabra headsets, complete with Swarovski crystals, which are being introduced for HP's iPAQ range. All of this fits into HP's "The Computer is Personal Again" campaign, a worthwhile slogan not doubt, but which we must say looks quite silly slapped across one of those VoodooPC behemoths, as we ourselves recently witnessed.

[Via Intelligent Cross-Sell]

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