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IGN + Muze = search for skewed reviews

Kevin Kelly

IGN and Muze Inc. have signed a partnership forming MuzeGames, a retailer service that will provide "the most comprehensive database of games information available." You've used Muze before if you've looked up an album or a song at Tower Records, or searched for a song on iTunes, now they want to try and be your central source for game searching as well.

"Marketed as MuzeGames, powered by IGN, it will offer expansive coverage of nearly 45,000 video game titles, including high-resolution cover images, screenshots, trailers, and samples of game play, augmented by rich editorial content such as game previews and extensive, independent reviews." Do they mean to say they will be using IGN's reviews as independent content? Are these the same IGN reviews that always skew to the upper part of the bell curve? Their average review for all games is an eight out of ten, and they have almost as many nines as they do sixes. This breaks down to a scale that skews higher, on average for every game, making the reviews more than a bit suspect.

If you're going to be influenced by game reviews then your best bet is to check out what everyone else is saying (through our handy dandy metareviews, even) and then make an informed decision. Of course, you could always take a gamble and see what your own eyes and ears tell you. Hopefully you can trust those.

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