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iSoundCap intros exercise-centric Running Cap

Darren Murph

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Some products are simply doomed to fail before they even hit the market, and the iSoundCap was surely one of those items. Unfortunately Amazingly, the start-up centered around a less-than-fashionable ballcap with an apparently appealing ability to tote your iPod is still alive and well, and is now kicking out yet another flavor with trainers (and higher revenue) in mind. The aptly-named Running Cap is "made with a breathable, lightweight mesh fabric, and places the iPod in protective neoprene" to keep any stray wires from flailing around your face. The new exercise-friendly version will supposedly be offered in pink, silver, green, black, red, and blue, which coincidentally matches the colors of the new rainbow nanos. Marketed as the "ultimate way" to carry your iPod while utilizing the Nike+iPod kit, the sweat-proof cap could indeed siphon a few extra dollars from the running crowd, but as of press time we aren't exactly certain how much coinage these outlandish dome adornments will demand.

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