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Rumor: EB/Gamestop workers fired if PS3/Wii listed on eBay

Zack Stern

One of our moles reports that EB/Gamestop corporate overlords are tracking eBay PS3 and Wii sales, with the promise of termination if an employee-bought system is listed. Our own digging corroborated the story, but we think this plan is a threat at best.

Retailers scan game hardware serial numbers into their databases when making a sale; the receipt may even list the ever-so-unique number. But you shouldn't need to list the serial number on eBay to make a sale, so why do it? The EB/Gamestop bosses could buy specific listings and hope to catch employees, but that seems like a lot of costly work. Even then, the odds will be in favor of the EB/Gamestop worker-turned-profiteer.

People will make money reselling scarce launch hardware; that's a fact of gaming. We like the idea of EB/Gamestop trying to get consoles into the hands of gamers, but this plan may have little impact.

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