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360 is fastest selling Aussie console ever


Hot on the heels of reports of lackluster 360 sales, Gamasutra is reporting that the Xbox 360 has officially become the fastest selling console in Australia. In its first seven months -- the 360 was released down under in March -- the 360 has gone to sell 100,000 units. This handily beats the PS2 total of 78,000 units in its first seven months. Also, Australians have purchased 400,000 games for their 360s since launch, trouncing the PS2 total of 198,000 during the same period after its launch. The regional director for Xbox Australia and New Zealand, David McLean, had this to say,

"Xbox 360 has taken off in Australia demonstrating that the game has changed and consumers are ready for the next-generation of gaming now. Xbox 360 provides amazing value for the whole family and with the biggest line-up of next-generation games and accessories, we are confident that there will be lots of Xbox 360s sitting under Christmas trees this year."

Of course, it's pretty easy to be confident when your largest competitor won't be launching in Australia until next year. So, do we have any happy Australian 360 owners out there? What do you think of all this?

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