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Benheck turns beef jerky into a PSP mod

Engadget columnist, and console hacking guru, Ben Heckendorn has returned to the PSP thumb nub hack that he started two weeks back. Not to be outdone by others, Ben built his hack with IC sockets, an analog thumb stick, some hot glue (lots of hot glue) and ... some shredded beef jerky chew?

Yup, the not always so pragmatic Heckendorn went with the jerky's plastic tin because it was both cheap (good for us) and readily available to the novice hacker (that's good for us too). Ben's made a detailed guide, with plenty of pictures for the instruction-impaired. Watch as everyday household ingredients (like solder and beef jerky cans) coalesce into an easily detachable analog thumb stick, ready to go wherever you and your PSP do.

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