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NEC and Panasonic team up to form ESTEEMO

Cyrus Farivar

In a deal that was surely signed over SMS and must have involved the words "bff" and "lmad" (let's make a deal), two Japanese giants will combine their respective powers to create a new company called ESTEEMO. As TechOn! explains: "This is a coined term consisting of Esteem and Mobile and contains the concept of mutual esteem between NEC and Panasonic Mobile." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. The new startup will begin with a capitalization of ¥100 million ($837,000) and will be headquartered at Panasonic Mobile HQ in Yokohama. 130 people will report for duty on November 6 -- assigned to the task of creating a more efficient common hardware and software platform. We hope that our holding you in high esteem isn't misplaced, ESTEEMO. Don't let us down.

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