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New AppleCare packaging - get that same comprehensive care in a sleek new box


TUAW Reader Jett alerted us to another update we overlooked yesterday. Along with the launch of the new MacBook Pro came new AppleCare packaging and a slick, new AppleCare product page.

I haven't seen the new box up close yet but it looks like it's styled and sized in line with Apple's recent shrunken iLife, iWork, .Mac and Tiger retail boxes. I'm not sure Al "An Inconvenient Truth" Gore had anything to do with this act of "green", but I applaud Apple's attempt to cut the fat from their packaging and stop wasting all that paper, plastic and cardboard just to house a disc or two and some Apple logo decals. Let's hope this is a trend that Apple and other companies that ship software will continue with.

Thanks, Jett!

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