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Apple updates .Mac webmail


There's a new .Mac webmail in town and it's looking pretty. It looks like Mail. It feels like Mail. It must be a web-based version of Mail! Lots of trendy Web 2.0 goodness like drag & drop, integrated Address Book, familiar 3-pane viewing, message previews, Quick Reply, keyboard shortcuts ala Gmail, smart refreshes of your message list and probably a few other enhancements I haven't stumbled across yet. Oh! I just noticed you can command-select and shift-select messages to delete them or move them to a different folder. No more check boxes!

All in all it looks like a pretty sweet update and those of you who use webmail regularly should be delighted. Of course we'll probably wake up tomorrow to a bunch of folks screaming about bugs they've discovered that will inevitably rear their ugly heads, but without those we'd run out of things to write about, so don't be shy - tell us all about it in the comments!

Thanks, Axe, Kevin, Clay and the rest who sent this in!

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