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Gears of War multiplayer breakdown


IGN scored the scoop on Gears of War multiplayer, and we cut the fluff, breaking it down like this:


  • War Zone - 4-on-4 team deathmatch; no respawns
  • Resurrection - 4-on-4 team deathmatch; downed players will revive after 30 seconds, unless finished off by opponents
  • Execution - "Kill the Leader"; highest-ranked player on the team is the leader and can pick up weapons supporting players can't use
Maps (all are small, many symmetrical):
  • Canals
  • Clocktower
  • Escalation - series of terraces; one team starts at the top, the other at the bottom; bottom team aided by sniper pick-up
  • Gridlock - narrow street with bombed out cars for cover (playable at E3)
  • Fuel Depot - warehouse bases; cargo crates for cover
  • Mansion - "haunted house"; destructible cover; choke points: courtyard and foyer
  • Mausoleum - circular; a series of rings, the outer being a graveyard; design lends itself to match draws
  • Roof Tops
  • Tyro Station - watch out for the bullet train
  • War Machine
  • Health system - as you take damage, the Gears' skull will begin to appear on-screen; once it's all there, one more shot, and then light's out
  • Magnum - high-powered pistol
  • Hammer of Dawn - satellite laser strike

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