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IGN likes the PS3 controller now (kinda)

Blake Snow

Early this month, IGN wasn't impressed with Sony's Sixaxis PS3 controller. But after getting some hands-on time at Sony's Gamers' Day last week, reactions were more favorable albeit still mixed. Some notable quotes from a few staffers:

  • "It sucks that the controller doesn't have any rumble functionality, which really takes away from games like Gran Turismo HD, but the ability to twist and turn the controller to get into the action is great."
  • "I'll admit it -- I was skeptical of the SIXAXIS controller when it was first announced. It seemed like a knockoff of the Wii-mote, and the lack of vibration annoyed the hell out of me ... But now that I've played a few titles that actually use the tilt sensing capability of the controller, I have to say that I'm coming around."
  • "Yesterday I got my hands on the PS3 controller for about the fifth time. What was special about this occasion was that for the first time I used tilt control that really added to my gaming experience."
  • "It feels a bit silly. If I could, I'd play with my PS2 controller on a PS3 in heartbeat."
[Thanks, Ethan]

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