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Nyko's new options for wireless pad users


Nyko has shipped two new battery charging options for users of the 360's wireless controls. The first product is the Nyko Charge Station 360. You can imagine what that does. That's right, it charges your batteries. It charges two simultaneously to be exact. The unit plugs directly into a wall socket and is capable of charging two batteries in approximately four hours. The big difference between the Nyko charger and Microsoft's is that it comes with two batteries instead of one. Both units share the same suggested retail price of $29.99, giving the edge to the Nyko charger.

The second product is the Power Kit 360, Nyko's version of the Play and Charge Kit from Microsoft. The Power Kit allows players to charge controls -- and continue playing -- by plugging them directly into the 360. The Nyko Power Kit retails for $14.99 compared to the Play and Charge Kit's price of $19.99. Not bad for those of us who haven't taken the wireless plunge yet. Please note, you might want to avoid picking these up at Best Buy, where both products have been marked up. Anyone plan on getting these? For that matter, has anyone tried the Intelligent Remote from Nyko?

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