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Geddes Reader DIY reading aid for the partially sighted


It may not be as portable or as flashy as some reading devices for the blind or partially sighted, but this new reading aid hack also doesn't cost upwards of $4,000. Created by 86-year old Edinburgh-resident Les Geddes, a retiree who used to develop weapons guidance systems, the homebrew solution is basically just a high-resolution video camera connected to a TV; it seems to get the job done, enlarging anything you swipe it over to a readable size, and it can be yours for nothing more than a donation of £50 (just under $100) -- presumably, it's a bring-your-own-display deal. In true DIY-fashion, Geddes also says he intends to make the plans for the device, dubbed the Geddes Reader, available on the Internet, though we're guessing some of you can throw caution to the wind and whip one up without a manual.


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