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Kenwood's first flash DAPs: M2GC7 and M1GC7 with USB hosting


Kenwood just unleashed a new line-up of flash-based MediaKegs in Japan with their M2GC7 (2GB) and M1GC7 (1GB) DAPs. In addition to boasting Kenwood's new digital amp with "Supreme" sound technology and cross-hair interface, these 15.5-mm / 0.6-inch thin, 44-gram / 1.55-ounce players support MP3/WAV/DRM'd WMA and pack an FM tuner and USB 2.0 hosting capability for PC-less music transfers and direct copy off Kenwood's lineup of car and home audio systems. The players deliver up to 11 hours of playback off a 3 hour rechargeable battery and ship in your choice of silver or black with the additional options of blue and red available exclusively to the 1-gigger. Shipping in Japan starting next month for about ¥27,000 / ¥20,000 or about $227 / $169 -- -- damn steep unless you're already locked into Kenwood gear.

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