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Microsoft "confident" in shipping 10 million 360s by Q4

Blake Snow

Microsoft announced late yesterday that the company has shipped 6 million Xbox 360s worldwide since the console's November 2005 launch. CFO Chris Liddell said the company is "confident" in hitting the targeted 10 million shipped units by year's end which is widely believed to be the break even point to start seeing black in its entertainment and devices division.

Note: "Confident" is commonly used by companies when they're not really sure what's going to happen. That uncertainty makes sense in this scenario, however, since the Q4 holiday season will be the Xbox 360's toughest as it competes for consumer dollars against Sony and Nintendo for the first time this generation. Microsoft also appears to have squandered its intended lead by a lack of AAA titles during the 360's first year. So aside from the console's solid performance thus far, is four million shipped units by year's end even likely?

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