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Motorola mulling Sagem purchase

Chris Ziegler

Now that Motorola's back to its old industry-dominating self, it sounds like an acquisition or two might be in order. Ron Garriques, head of Moto's Mobile Devices division, apparently mentioned in an interview that the company has a "serious interest" in scooping up Sagem from current parent SAFRAN Group. As expected, the comment has put both SAFRAN and Motorola in damage-control mode, with Motorola France insisting that Garriques' comment has no bearing on the company's plans and SAFRAN noting that they're still exploring all their options for flipping Sagem, which has had a for-sale sign around its neck since September. If the sale were to materialize it probably wouldn't mean much this side of the Atlantic, but it'd give Motorola a significantly expanded presence in Europe where France-based Sagem does the lion's share of its business. More importantly, though, it'd mark the union of two of the more unusual marketing schemes in the industry: Sagem's "my"-everything and Motorola's MOTOBRNDs. Who wouldn't want a myMOTOKRZR?

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