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Samsung readies another OS -- its own

Chris Ziegler

Of all the major manufacturers, it could be argued that Samsung has the worst case (or best case, depending on how you look at it) of multiple-personality disorder. After all, what other company can claim they've launched phones running Symbian, Windows Mobile (in both Smartphone and Pocket PC flavors), Linux, and Palm OS? It could also be argued, then, that yet another flavor of smartphone platform is one thing Samsung doesn't need in its arsenal. Alas, the word on the street is that the Korean conglomerate is in the process of rolling its own platform to match up with its recently-developed S3C 2460 dual-core chipset for multimedia devices. No word on when we might see real-world handsets based on the software, but it promises to be a feature-laden affair with native support for WiFi, VoIP, and video and 3D acceleration. We're going to stay bearish right now on the odds of ever seeing one of these drop Stateside, but if we see an i520 (or equivalent) come our way, we might be able to forget the whole thing ever happened.

[Via Mobile Magazine]

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