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TUAW Poll: Did the SMC Firmware Update cure Random Shutdown Syndrome?


I'm seeing mixed results in the field as to whether or not SMC Firmware Update 1.1 actually resolves, once and for all, the Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS) affecting many MacBooks, but more than a handful of comments on the original post indicate that it has solved their problem. Now that 24 hours has passed, I'm curious about what the rest of you are seeing.

So, MacBook owners, did the firmware update work for you or are you still struggling to keep your MacBook powered up?

Did SMC Firmware Update 1.1 fix your MacBook's Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS)?
Yes! My MacBook is up and running and staying that way!
Nope. I expect it will shut down again before I even submit my answer to this poll
Too soon to tell. I only experienced RSS a few times so I'm waiting a bit longer to say whether it's fixed or not.
Random Shutdown Syndrome? What's that? My MacBook works just fine, thank you.
I don't have a MacBook. Is there a firmware update that will turn my aging Dual USB iBook into a MacBook?
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Update: Revised poll option added for MacBook owners that had no problem to begin with.
Update: Oops! Picture corrected. Grabbed a MBP pic from the file inadvertently.

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