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A closer look at Windows Mobile codename "Crossbow"

Chris Ziegler

If you've been thinking that Windows Mobile 5 could use a little spit 'n polish (and not much else), new screen shots coming in from GpsPasSion seem to confirm our hunch that that's pretty much how Crossbow rolls. The successor to Windows Mobile 5 -- whose real name and version number is not yet known -- looks less like a new operating system and more like a skin every time we lay eyes on it. To be fair, that's not to say there's nothing notably new here: these Smartphone caps indicate the presence of honest-to-goodness Word, Excel, and Powerpoint apps, Windows Update (FOTA perhaps?), and the previously-revealed Office Communicator stuff. It also looks like Crossbow's refined UI might finally rely on the presence of a 320 x 240 display to do its business, and rest assured, 220 x 176 will not be missed.

[Thanks, Paul]

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