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HDTV coming to Sheboygan Tuesday...really


Engadget HD Sheboygan chapter you can stop calling the mayor's office, Charter Communications has confirmed that despite the information given by some of its representatives, HDTV set-top boxes will be available for area residents beginning Tuesday. Despite a computer mix-up resulting in misinformation that HD wouldn't be available next week, after civil unrest nearly broke out in the streets of Sheboygan, Charter manager Jessie Hlad set the record straight, customers will be able to order HD services either over the phone or at the local office beginning Tuesday. Once the service is installed customers will have access to 14 HD channels, plus two more unspecified stations coming November 7th. We would like to congratulate the fine people of Sheboygan and The Sheboygan Press for their courage and perseverance and making sure their cable provider delivers the HDTV which we're pretty sure was first promised in the 1836 Treaty of the Cedars.

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