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A quick glance at Verizon's pipeline

Chris Ziegler

It looks like Verizon customers are about to have themselves a very Moto-riffic holiday season indeed, with not one, not two, but three new models coming down the pike (technically, it's two new models and a new color of an existing model -- but work with us here, folks). First up is the W315, a low-end flip with a PEBL theme to it, though the external antenna certainly isn't helping its cause. According to Verizon's sappy internal marketing materials, the W315 will make customers say things like "Rain or shine, I rely on my W315's sharp color display as I browse through my messages while waiting at the bus stop," but frankly, with a marginal 160 x 128 display to its name, we're not sure we agree. Next up is the V325i, a phone that appears to be a near twin of the W315 but with the external display flipped 90 degrees -- perhaps a nod to corporate suits who find the W315 a little too hip for their liking; it's essentially a V325 with Bluetooth tacked on. Finally from Motorola, the K1m KRZR is going to make an encore appearance, this time with a white interior and gray exterior. In other news, the LG VX9900 has apparently been christened the "enV" (huh?) and should be launching by the end of November for around $200. Follow the break for a little more eye candy of Moto's goodies!

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