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Joy of Tech Mac O'Lanterns


To continue helping you get into the Halloween spirit, just in case the iTunes Halloween Essentials playlists aren't doing it for you, Nitrozac and Shaggy posted a how-to on making your own Mac O'Lanterns on Joy of Tech. They've posted a bunch of pics of some rather creative efforts to carve a number of Mac notables and general geek personalities. There's a pumpkin head Pogue, Ellen Feiss, a Woz O'Lantern and a truly frightening Steve Balmer amongst other classics like the Happy Mac O'Lantern. Maybe it's just me, but that Megan Morrone pumpkin looks an awful lot like a young Hillary Clinton.

If you've carved out your own creation, post a pic on Flickr or your other favorite photo sharing site and leave a link in the comments!

Thanks, Frank and the rest who sent this in!

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