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GoW Flickr pic explained

Ken Weeks

Brymo wrote in to explain the suspicious appearance of Gears of War in his stack of Xbox 360 games. It looks like it was an innocent misunderstanding and not an attempt to defraud the nerd public:

Here is the story. I bought the BestBuy pre-order thing - for the shirt. I go home to make sure the shirt is my size, so as I took the shirt out, and laid my Dead Rising game and the gears box on top of my stash, just habit.

A friend came over, and went through my games to find something to play - thus the game went towards the bottom.

I posted this picture in my thread at TeamXbox.

Showing my "addiction" of buying video games. I forgot about the Gears box even being in the middle of the mix. This of course turned huge when I got PM's, comments about how did I get the game already.

I stated I believe 2-3 times in that thread that it was truly the pre-order box that comes with the shirt. I guess no one read or wanted to believe that.

Obviously, Brymo didn't steal anything from GameStop. And we're sorry Richard called you a schmo. I think the universal lust for early copies of Gears of War has everybody on edge right now.

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