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Japan to get fewer PS3 launch units due to part problems

Blake Snow

Looks like Sony can't get a PS3 shortage break. The Nikkei Keizai Shimbun paper reports today that due to component shortages, Sony will only have 80,000 PS3 units ready for Japanese launch instead of the originally planned 100,000 units. That's a 20% cut. First the European launch gets delayed because of production issues, now the Japanese launch availability is crippled even more than it previously was.

No word yet if the shortage will effect North American units but, if proportional, they could be cut to 320,000 available systems. Keep in mind that's six thousand less than the Xbox 360 sold in its first nine days, and a far cry less than the 900,000 360 units they managed to move in North America by the end of '05.

IGN also reminds us that the PS2 sold out of almost a million units when launched back in March of 2000. Expect Star Wars like lines a week before the November 11 Japanese launch. Not the day before or day of, the week before. May the force be with you, Japanese padawans.

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[Quick fix: corrected '06 to '05. Thanks in-field editors!]

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