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Metareview - Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Alan Rose

This is turning out to be the season of strategy expansions, with AoE III: The War Chiefs and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade already available, and BFME2: Rise of the Witch-king shipping in four weeks. The just-released Forces of Corruption extends your Star Wars: Empire at War experience by adding a third playable faction, the Zann Coalition, to the galactic struggle. Much like the Hutts, it's all about profit for crime lord Tyber Zann, and he intends to plunder the considerable resources of the Empire and the Rebellion with the help of IG-88 and a new rancor-summoning Force witch. Yoda joins the ranks of the rebels, while the Empire now has Dark Troopers.

  • Yahoo! Games (90/100) enjoyed blowing up Ewoks, but also appreciates the authentic environments: "Some maps, like the one set on Cloud City on Bespin, or the scene of Zann's infiltration of Coruscant, are genuinely creative, occasionally approaching a Diablo-like focus on one or two main units without a wider force to distract you."

  • GameSpot (81/100) likes the new criminal element, but warns of performance issues: "There's a price to be paid for some of the huge battles and missions that you'll undertake. Even with most of the graphical detail settings set to low, the expansion had frame rate issues running on a midrange machine that ran Empire at War just fine with the details set to high."

  • Game Informer (75/100) recommends this expansion for extended universe fans: "If you're one of those guys (or gals) that can quote every line from every movie, but you've never heard of Grand Admiral Thrawn, then Forces of Corruption isn't for you. Meanwhile, if you know the details of how Darth Maul was trained, or who exactly Aayla Secura is, then come on in to the pool. The water's fine!"
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