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SlingPlayer for OS X beta goes public

Scott McNulty

We've featured screenshots of it, reported that is would be available on Halloween, and generally anxiously awaited its arrival. Our wait is over, as SlingPlayer is now available for OS X, though it is still in beta. SlingPlayer, you'll remember, works together with a SlingBox to stream your TV over the network to a number of devices including Macs, PCs, and PDAs.

You'll need a SlingBox, OS X 10.4, and a Mac (Intel or PowerPC) to use this beta. What you can't use, though, is an Airport Express. As explained in the FAQ, since the SlingBox needs to be hardwired to your broadband source.

Since I don't have a SlingBox I can't offer up many screenshots, but there is one after the jump

Here's the not so exciting screenshot:

Here's hoping they will work on making the interface a little more Mac like before it leaves Beta.

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