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The wait is over! A portable Atari Jaguar

We'll admit it. While the Atari Lynx was an incredibly svelte and sexy gaming machine, it was just too small for us. Even if we managed to find it at the bottom of our oversized backpack, our expansive grip completely obscured our round of Electrocop. Nope, we've been 64-bit gaming at home with our Jaguar ever since then, dreaming of a day when Atari would make their triumphant return to the hardware space and deliver us a real portable Jaguar ... a Jaguar Lite if you will. Though that day hasn't come, we're more than happy to settle for Ben Heck's homemade handheld. Finally, we can load this thing up in back of our pickup and play Aliens vs. Predator on the road ... or, even better, some Kasumi Ninja.

[Via Engadget]

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