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Today's hottest game video: Neo-Geo Emulator on the PSP gone wifi

Kevin Kelly

Well, technically it's the second hottest game video, because the top spot is still occupied by the New Wii Promo trailer from yesterday, with a gargantuan 58,059 views. So we move on to the second spot which only has a paltry 7,824 views. Although it does show some pretty awesome Neo-Geo emulation happening with wifi on some tricked out PlayStation Portables. Sit patiently through the first half of the video which is extremely blurry shots of the two handhelds booting up into emulation mode (someone tell this guy where the macro focus button is). Once you make it through that, you'll be rewarded with some two-player Metal Slug action, happening through the PSP's wifi connection, and has all the graphics and sound effects you've come to love.

Nice job! Now make it work on the Nintendo DS. The Game Boy Advance had a version, but no two player mode. Although by the time this emulated version might work on the DS, the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Live Arcade versions may already be out. But still, we want some wireless two player Metal Slug hotness while we're on the go on both our PSP and our DS. Come on, we're not too demanding, are we?

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