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Magnolia Pictures' The Architect to hit theaters and discs December 5


Mark Cuban has been pushing for day-and-date releases and giving customers choices on how they want to experience content; for those who decide to check out The Architect when it's released they will certainly have plenty of choices. With a day-and-date theatrical, cable, DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray release you can check it out on any format you want -- no BitTorrent Mark? -- but it remains to be seen if this type of release will spread to other studios. The Architect is a film about a mother who is trying to get the housing project where she lives torn down and rebuilt, and brings the original architect to see what has become of it. No word on any HD extras, the DVD has an MSRP of $28.98 while the high definition versions are set for $34.98

[Via MovieWeb]

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