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The temporary art of Corpse Grafitti

Mike Schramm

Grimmus on LJ points to this forum thread, and introduces me to a fad in the game that I have never heard about before: corpse graffiti. It's the art of leaving corpses (usually of the opposite faction if you're in a faction specific place like Orgrimmar) with meaningful names in strange places. It's fascinating to me that people came up with this idea, and it's genius at the same time. "Nerfmurlocs" in a murloc spawn area, "Nerffire" on top of a torch in a city, "Welcomemat" outside of a city, a female orc named "Mankirkswife" in the Barrens. The thread's got lots of great ones in it-- one guy says he even placed corpses of all the main characters from Lord of the Rings in Ironfroge.

Do people actually do this? Just to check, I logged into my server and looked around the front areas of Org, SW, and IF, but couldn't find any interesting corpses. A Google search of corpse grafitti turns up nothing, and there are no screenshots at all in the thread-- you'd think people who made works of art like this would try to capture their genius. And while we're at it, exactly how long do corpses of logged out players stick around, anyway? I know it's more than a day, but I think it's less then a week, so this is a pretty temporary artform.

Still, theoretical or not, I think it's a great idea, and I'd love to see it in practice sometime. In fact, maybe I'll log in right now, and place a corpse somewhere in the jungles in Stranglethorn Vale for you to find on your travels. The name? It'll be "Drlivingstone," I presume.

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