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US Justice Department probing Sony, others for SRAM doings


These kids just can't catch a break. The folks at Sony, fresh off their battery debacle, and struggling to make any sort of relevant quantity for next month's PS3 launch, are being probed by the US Justice Department's antitrust division in regards to the company's SRAM biz. Sony, which did $27.7 million worth of SRAM business last year, says it "intends to cooperate fully with the DOJ in what appears to be an industry-wide inquiry," but that's about all the info we've got so far. Apparently US-based Cypress Semiconductor is also under investigation for similar SRAM doings, and Mitsubishi is even in some retroactive trouble, but there's no word if the situation is similar to the price-fixing scandal that Samsung and others got busted for earlier this year. We'll be keeping an eye on this investigation as it develops. It seems unlikely that any sort of accusations that could come out of this could do much damage to Sony's relatively small share in the industry, but we really wouldn't mind a feel-good puff piece on Sony now and then -- you know, just for a change of pace.

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