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Wii Sports has control issues

Blake Snow

After spending "several hours" with Wii Sports, IGN's Nintendo editor Matt Casamassina doesn't like the game due to flawed controls with the exception of Wii Bowling which he calls "totally rocking." Regarding Tennis, he had this to say: "You don't control anything except the swing of your player's racket. The movement of these Mii-alike athletes is all done automatically by the game. You simply swing the Wii remote back and forth to make your on-screen character do the same thing."

True dat. Though we enjoyed the game at E3, it's unproven how long the fun lasts with tennis (from our limited play test). Regarding Baseball, Casamassina contends: "When you want to throw a curve ball, you don't actually motion it, as you might suspect. No, why would you want to use a gesture for a console whose primary purpose is to promote unique and innovative ways to play? To throw a curve ball, you first select it on the D-Pad and then make a standard throwing motion."

Though no one should be expecting deep gameplay from the pack-in, a flick of the wrist puts spin on a moving bowling ball but not a breaking curve? Bush league.

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